Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Mayor Joseph Schocko III Mayor alphamayor@alphaboronjorg._ (908)-763-0519
Director of Public Property Bob Melick Councilman bmelick@alphaboronjorg._ (908)-619-2422
Director of Administration Angela Bickar Councilwoman
Director of Finance Mike Schwar Councilman
Director of Health & Welfare Louis Cartabona Councilman (908)-246-2961
Director of of Public Safety Jodie Smith Councilwoman (908)-235-1963
Clerk's Office Donna Messina Registered Municipal Clerk (908)-454-0088 Ext 141
Clerk's Office Melissa Sims Assistant Municipal Clerk (908)-454-0088 Ext 140
Finance Office Cameron Keng CFO (908)-454-0088 Ext 145
Finance Office Melissa Yale Account Clerk (908)-454-0088 Ext 181
Tax Assessor's Office Jennifer Carabelli Assessor (908)-319-5864
Tax Collector's Office Carrie Emery Tax Collector (908)-454-0088 Ext 120
Inspections Office Scott Schofield Construction Official buildingsubcode@alphaboronjorg._ (908)-454-0088 Ext 176
Inspections Office Andrew Melendez Code Enforcement Officer (908)-454-0088 Ext 173
Inspections Office Mark Fornacari Plumbing Sub Code Inspector (908)-454-0088 Ext 180
Inspections Office Paul Esposito Electrical Sub-code Official (908)-454-0088 Ext 176
Inspections Office Kevin McGuire Fire Protection Sub-code Official (908)-454-0088 Ext 176
Inspections Office Andrew Melendez Zoning Official & Housing Inspections (908)-878-6199
Animal Control Officer Thomas Deacon Animal Control Officer (908)-454-1253
Emergency Services Office Joe Mecsey IV Emergency Management Coordinator (908)-763-1660
Department of Public Works Pete Pursell Public Works Repairer I (908)-454-3143
Department of Public Works (Mobile Phone) Pete Pursell Public Works Repairer I (908)-235-2373
Utility Office Carrie Emery Utility Collector (908)-454-0088 Ext 120
Legal Office Joseph C. Tauriello Borough Attorney (609)-888-6790
Engineering Office Tim O'Brien Borough Engineer
Public Library Holly Thomas Library Director (908)-454-1445
Land Use Board Office Donna Messina Land Use Planning Board Secretary (908)-454-0088 Ext 141
Administration Jeff Loveatz Recycling Coordinator
Finance Susan Schier Account Clerk (908)-454-0088 Ext 145
Director of Public Works Pete Pettinelli Councilman (908)-268-1804