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Municipal Contracts72 documents

Action Data Services1 document

  • Action Data Services Signed Contract.pdf
    document _recordid 541

Animal Licensing Software Agreement1 document

  • Fra Technologies 2021.pdf
    document _recordid 547

Auditor Agreement2 documents

  • 2021 Auditor Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 550
  • 2022 Auditor Agreement - Suplee and Clooney fully executed.pdf
    document _recordid 778

Bond Counsel Agreement2 documents

  • Gibbons PC Agreement - 2021.pdf
    document _recordid 556
  • 2022 Bound Counsel Fully Executed Agreement - Gibbons.pdf
    document _recordid 780

Borough Attorney Agreement2 documents

  • 2021 Borough Attorney Aggrement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 560
  • 2022 Borough Attorney Fully Executed Agreement - Troxell.pdf
    document _recordid 781

Cable Franchise Agreement1 document

  • Service Electric Cable Franchise.pdf
    document _recordid 563

Cooper Alarm Agreement1 document

  • Alarm monitoring Muni Bldg July 2019 - July 2020.pdf
    document _recordid 565

CP Engineers, LLC Agreement1 document

  • Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 567

Developers Agreements & Deed of Restrictive Covenants-All Agreement1 document

  • Solartricity Partially Signed Alpha Developers Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 676

DPW Contract Agreement1 document

  • DPW Contract NEWEST Fully Executed 9-10-20.pdf
    document _recordid 571

Edmunds Agreement1 document

  • 2021 Edmunds Software Support Signed.pdf
    document _recordid 573

Electricity Co-op Agreement2 documents

  • Hudson Energy - Municipal (not resident) electric co-op.pdf
    document _recordid 677
  • Hudson Energy - Municipal electric co-op Rider.pdf
    document _recordid 679

Emergency Repairs Water Main High Street Agreement1 document

  • 2021-59 Award Contracts Emergency Water Sinkhole Repair.pdf
    document _recordid 711

Energy Aggregation Agreement1 document

  • SWAEC - Fully Executed Addendum 2.25.20.pdf
    document _recordid 579

Engineer Agreement1 document

  • 2021 Borough Engineer Agreement Fully Executed-Van Cleef.pdf
    document _recordid 581

Grants Agreement1 document

  • 2020-108 Alpha Reso FY 2021 NJDOT MA Grant Application Preparation Authorization.pdf
    document _recordid 586

Green Acres-Open Space Agreement1 document

  • 2021-Amended Green Acres Project Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 588

Highlands Designated Center Agreement1 document

  • 2021 06 30 CSD to Highlands Center Designation Request.pdf
    document _recordid 590

Hunterdon County Education Svcs. Commission Agreement1 document

  • Cooperative Pricing Agreement-partially executed.pdf
    document _recordid 673

HVAC Agreement1 document

  • Comfort Temp Inc Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 594

IT Support Services Agreement1 document

  • Quikteks Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 596

Labor Attorney Agreement1 document

  • 2021 Labor Attorney Agreement Fully Executed-Russo.pdf
    document _recordid 598

Lawn Care Agreement2 documents

  • 2021-Lawn Care Agreement Marino Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 600
  • 2022 Lawn Care Agreement-Marino Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 808

Lease of Public Property Agreement4 documents

  • Cell Tower Lease Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 674
  • Billboard Lease Agreement 2020 Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 675
  • Lease of Public Property Commercial Parking - Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 687
  • Penn Bower Least Nov 1 2020-Oct 31 2022 Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 688

M2 Associates - Hydrogeologic Consulting Services Agreement1 document

  • M2 Associates Agreement fully executed.pdf
    document _recordid 606

Morris County Co-op Agreement1 document

  • Morric County Co-Op Agreement 10-1-21 thru 9-30-26 fully executed.pdf
    document _recordid 608

N2 Operator Agreement1 document

  • 2021 Operator Agreement not fully executed sig page.pdf
    document _recordid 694

NJ Economic Development Authority-Application Financial Asst Agreement1 document

  • Application - Leigh Fuel Site.pdf
    document _recordid 614

Oliver Holdings Open Space Acquisition Agreement1 document

  • Oliver Holdings Open Space Acquisition.pdf
    document _recordid 620

ONSOLVE (Code Red) Agreement1 document

  • ONSOLVE Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 624

PAIC-Public Alliance Insurance Coverage Fund Agreement1 document

  • PAIC Fund Renewal Agreement 2021-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 626

Phoenix Advisors Agreement1 document

  • 2021-Phoenix Advisors, LLC.pdf
    document _recordid 628

Pool Demo Agreement1 document

  • Pool Demo - executed contract.pdf
    document _recordid 630

Qualified Purchasing Agent Agreement2 documents

  • 2021 QPA Agreement Fully Executed - Canning.pdf
    document _recordid 633
  • 2022 QPA Agreement Fully Executed - Canning.pdf
    document _recordid 779

Revize Agreement1 document

  • Revize Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 635

RIO Supply Agreement1 document

  • RIO Software Maint. Agreement-not executed 2020-2021.pdf
    document _recordid 696

Sewer Line and Pump Station Cleaning Agreement1 document

  • Oswald Enterprises Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 639

Shared Services Agreement4 documents

  • Shared Services Agreement CFO fully executed.docx.pdf
    document _recordid 698
  • 2021-42 Shared Services Continued Use of Court Facilities.pdf
    document _recordid 702
  • Police Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 703
  • RMC Shared Service Agreement-Montgomery Part Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 704

SHI Server Replacement Hardware Only AgreementNo documents

Shredding Services Agreement1 document

  • Access NJ.pdf
    document _recordid 645

Solid Waste & Recycling Agreement1 document

  • 2020 LMR Contract thru Sept 2025.pdf
    document _recordid 647

Southern Warren Regional Municipal Alliance Agreement1 document

  • FY 2020 Municipal Alliance County Contract.pdf
    document _recordid 649

Special Litigation Counsel Agreement4 documents

  • 2021-Special Litigation Agreement Tauriello - Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 651
  • 2020 Howard Davis, PC Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 705
  • 2022 Special Council Tauriello Fully Executed Agreement1.pdf
    document _recordid 782
  • 2021 05 17 Davis Environmental Retainer Addendum.pdf
    document _recordid 809

Sprinkler System Inspector Agreement1 document

  • Sprinkler System Inspector-S.A. Comunale-Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 653

STR Business Solutions (Mail Machine) Agreement1 document

  • STR Business Solutions Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 655

Tower Leases Agreement2 documents

  • Sprint Lease 4-10-19.pdf
    document _recordid 661
  • Omnipoint Lease 04-1997.pdf
    document _recordid 706

Warren County DPW Shared Services Agreement1 document

  • Warren County DPW Shared Services Agreement FULLY EXECUTED.pdf
    document _recordid 663

Water and Sewer Operator Agreement1 document

  • 2021-Licensed Water and Sewer System Operator Agreement Fully Executed-Van Cleef.pdf
    document _recordid 666

Water Treatment System Monitoring Operator Agreement1 document

  • Water Treatment System Monitor Fully Executed Contract.pdf
    document _recordid 670

Emergency Engineering Services Water Tanks Agreement1 document

  • Mott MacDonald Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 681

Water Service Replacement Project1 document

  • Water Service Replacement Project - Penn Bower Inc.pdf
    document _recordid 722

Municipal Shingle Roof Project1 document

  • Municipal Roof Single Project Fully Executed Agreement.pdf
    document _recordid 777

Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing1 document

  • 2022 Sanitary Sewer Smok Testing Agreement Fully Executed.pdf
    document _recordid 845

Improvements to Pursel St.1 document

  • Improvements to Pursell St. - Fully Executed Contract.pdf
    document _recordid 849

Improvements to Somerset St.1 document

  • Improvements to Somerset St. - Fully Executed Contract.pdf
    document _recordid 851