The Warren County Mosquito Commission is planning an area wide mosquito treatment in the Town of Phillipsburg and small sections of Pohatcong Township and Alpha Borough starting at 9:00 pm Wednesday July 29 and ending by 2:00 am Thursday July 30, 2020, weather permitting.  Poor weather conditions would reschedule the application to the next night. This application is in response to a high number of invasive mosquitoes. Two small pickup trucks with mounted ultra-low volume sprayers will be used. The trucks are clearly marked as mosquito commission vehicles and will use flashing yellow lights. 
While the products used have a very low toxicity, residents should still minimize their exposure by remaining indoors and closing windows during the application time.  Air conditions can be left running.  If possible, bring pets indoors and cover outdoor pet dishes.  For more information, visit www.warrencountymosquito.org or call  908-453-3585, Monday – Friday 8am-4pm.

Wednesday July 29 into Thursday July 30, 2020 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
(Raindate: Thursday July 30 into Friday July 31, 2020 same time as above)
Treatment areas: ALPHA: Wayne St., Winter St., Williams St., 1st Ave, Ellen St., Rt 519/3rd Ave., 5th Ave, Olive St., Mitchell Alley, Alpha St., Oak Alley  

Press Release

Attention: Alpha and Phillipsburg Residents

Beginning August 10, 2020, the new non-emergency number for the Phillipsburg Police Department will be 908-835-2002. This will replace 908-454­-1121 and 908-454-1122. Residents can begin using 908-835-2002 immediately. The replaced numbers will be terminated on August 10, 2020. 9-1-1 should still be utilized in the event of an emergency. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Chief Robert Stettner